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Puppy Grooming

Why get your puppy groomed?

Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s well being. Starting your dog’s grooming experience early in life will make the process much easier for yourself and your dog. Once your puppy has had all their vaccinations,

typically around 16 weeks, it is a great time to get your puppy groomed and used to the process. I like to work in baby steps with puppies -  the whole idea is to get them to like the experience, not hate it. It's important to provide a pleasant experience so they will see the grooming salon as their loving place away from home, and will be happy to come here. After all they will be groomed for the rest of their life! There are a lot of new sounds, smells and experiences involved in a groom, as well as a new human to meet. It takes two to three sessions for a pup to become totally acclimatised to and comfortable with the grooming process. Conducting frequent short sessions with patience and LOTS of verbal praise is definitely the way to go. Sessions will include:

  • Bathing

  • Light brush out

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning

  • Light trim where especially needed, such as around the face and sanitary areas

How can you help your puppy be at ease with grooming? Try to practice with your puppy at home, with regular brushing and combing as well as lots of touching/tickling of the feet especially between the pads and their toes. Touch their mouths and inside and around their ears, all the while praising and giving treats for good behaviour. These things all help your puppy get used to touch and helps not only with the grooming process, but also makes them adjust and grow with confidence. Having a well-maintained coat will prevent matting and enable you to keep your puppies coat to a comfortable length to match the seasons and ensure your pet's comfort. Grooming does not damage the hair; grooming helps rid the coat of shed hair and dead skin whilst spreading natural oils. The longer you wait the harder your puppy will find the process, causing stress and discomfort. The more socialised and used to being handled a puppy is, the better the experience.

Love and patience are keys to years of successful grooming for your pooch it means it will be a positive and rewarding experience for them.

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